Storage and Space Saving Solutions

Happy Monday! With the holidays just behind us and faced with the daunting task of reorganizing holiday decorations and finding space for new gifts, I decided to do a little research on interesting storage solutions. Living in NYC, storage solutions are always an issue. Some of these solutions are pieces you can purchase and others are built-in solutions. As I am getting prepared to move into a new apartment, I will definitely be keeping these ideas in mind!

Under the staircase is usually unused space so why not install pull-out cabinetry to store showe, umbrellas, etc?

This is a bathtub with the face being used as pull out storage. This would be a great place for towels, robes and other bath accessories.

I really like the idea of using the space behind the towel bar. This would be a perfect place to store extra towels and washcloths.

How innovative is this idea? This would be perfect for holiday decorations or other pieces that you do not need access to on a daily basis.

This is an East Village studio that really maximizes all of it’s small amount of space. By lofting a bed, you really create much more space and an otherwise unusable apartment suddenly becomes livable!

This cool piece is a desk that converts to a twin size bed! Can be purchased at Resource Furniture.

This compact kitchenette is created from an antique armoir and includes everything you may need, even spice racks!