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Good afternoon everyone!

It has been a very long time since I posted as I have been busy making life changes. Recently I obtained my New York Real Estate Salesperson license and have been busy learning all things real estate related! However, I haven’t given up on my design work either. I plan to incorporate the two and hopefully have some happy clients! I am focusing more on model apartments now as I am making contacts with new management companies each day. With that, I am charged with a new 3 bedroom apartment in the Upper East Side. I am very excited about it and am in the planning stages at the moment. Here are some of my inspirational images.

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Have a great week!



Transitional Style Bedroom

Transitional Style Bedroom

Mercury glass lamp

Table lamp

Calvin Klein rug

Frette bedding

$280 – zanui.com.au

MUMO throw pillow
$150 – wolfandbadger.com

Amara brown toss pillow
$105 – amara.com

Celebrity Crush – Kelly Wearstler

After a conversation this weekend about crush-worthy styles, it got me thinking about one of my favorite designers whose style transcends fashion, interior design, and beauty. Who else but the fabulous Kelly Wearstler? And obviously as a purveyor of design, this woman is an absolute inspiration to me. Kelly is an American born interior and fashion designer with lust worthy, eclectic style. She has the foresight to combine textures, patterns and styles with such fluidity; most designers would be fearful of such boldness! Her interiors are those that will stop you in your tracks, memorized by the combinations. Not only can she create beautifully harmonious interiors, she herself exudes such cool, eclectic style.


I envy her ability to create retro, theatrical interiors with such ease! By combining vintage pieces with contemporary, colorful pieces, the interiors you are going to see below will make you absolutely drool.


Now, when most people describe their design style, while there are various answers, the underlying thread is a common desire to blend various styles into a cohesive whole. This means creating a design that reflects one’s own personal tastes that incorporates treasured pieces and new pieces alike. The goal is to create a polished, finished interior that looks like it evolved effortlessly.

While it may seem simple to create an eclectic room by using anything you love, an effective outcome that looks well planned and balanced instead of chaotic and disjointed requires a good understanding of how to follow the elements and principles of good design. Without understanding how to apply the rules of design, an eclectic design can easily turn into a room that looks like a bad garage sale!

To create eclectic design a designer needs to think creatively to combine furniture and accessories from different design styles and periods, different textures, and items of varying materials. In order for the style to appear planned and harmonious, it is important that every piece be thoughtfully selected in relation to the other pieces and to the design as a whole.


The use of repeating geometric pattern on the ceiling and floor creates a dynamic feel in this otherwise monochromatic room. The charcoal with gold accents gives such depth and glamor to this space. Pattern is the dominating principle in this room, leaving the other aspects more subdued.


I am obsessed with that chandelier!


As you can see, her use of gray with metallic accents mixed textures such as silk, faux fur and leather create a sumptuous and cozy retreat.


Geometric shapes are the dominating factor in this design. The balanced mix of circular and straight lines give a certain energy and dynamism to this dining room.


Who knew that pastel blue could look so chic, modern and striking?




Kelly’s boutique.

kelly wearstler8

This talented designer used her artful eye for all types of design to foray into accessory and fashion design with much success. See some of her beautifully crafted pieces that are created to stand the test of time.


Monarch cuff


Ornamented cuff


Perforated cuff


Kaleidoscope accessory

kelly wearstler 6



In summary, this style is highly desired, yet very difficult to execute. My hat goes off to this stylish icon.

Thanks for reading!