Color is the Key

As any homeowner would agree, a true home is one-of-a-kind. But how exactly can you differentiate your home from the white-walled apartment next door that has the exact same layout? The easiest and most effective way to express your personality within you home is to use color! Although many people find it frightening to start rolling the walls with bright hues, here are some ideas to help you create a truly bespoke home using color.

Have a color you always gravitate towards? Say your favorite lipstick or your favorite jacket? Try incorporating that color into your home. Use layers of different hues of the same color to bring depth and richness. Many of today’s top-notch interiors incorporate themes from the runways and the streets. So, need some inspiration? Flip through a fashion magazine!

If you are feeling a little bit shy about going “all in” with your favorite color, try a neutral palette with a pop of one color. This will create a focal point and helps distinguish your home from the masses.

Don’t simply focus on the living room. Remember the small areas such as the bathroom. Use a punchy color or even temporary wallpaper to create a designer look (try ).

Lastly, mix your use of metals. Gone are the days where you could simply use brass or chrome alone. Think the use of picture frames, coffee tables, etc. Done correctly, this can create a very curated and sophisticated look.

Here are some of my favorite examples. Do you have a favorite way to incorporate color?

post 6

Use of mixed metals and color in Ashley Stark’s living room for Elle Decor

post 5

Bright, punchy wallpaper takes this bland white bathroom to a designer level

post 4

Wallpaper, a punch of green, and a painted ceiling make this powder room a true jewel box.

post 3

Take an old piece of furniture and refinish it in a bright color. Not only will you have a bespoke piece of furniture, but you will have focal point to your room.

post 2

Add a bold accent color to an otherwise neutral palette such as these emerald colored draperies.

post 1


Virtual Interior Design!

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is a little more personal than most of my posts. After forging out on my own by creating my own interior design business, I have never been happier. I have a variety of great clients in the metro NYC area. However, being from Indianapolis, I have friends and acquaintances all over the country. In addition to my interior design business in New York, I have decided to offer a virtual interior design business as well. The idea is to provide the same services as my design business here in the city, but without being physically present. After an initial interview, photos and measurements, I hope to be able to offer this service to anyone needing affordable design. This service will include floor plans and furniture arrangement, sourcing of furniture and accessories, color palate selection and assistance in purchasing all of the selected pieces at designer pricing. I am very excited about this new facet of my business! Thank you again for reading and your support!