Wise Words for 2014

Good morning! It has been a whole week since I posted last and so much has gone on since then! For the holidays, I was fortunate enough to spend it in Indiana with my entire family. It was great being with loved ones and reconnecting with old friends. For the New Year, I was able to spend a few days down in warm south Florida with good friends. Now, I am back in New York, just in time for a huge winter storm! Anyhow, yesterday was a day of reflection and forward thinking for me. With the changes in my life in 2013, I really wanted to put some thought into what made me happy and what did not and to make a pledge to do and think more positive in 2014. Here are some great quotes that I came across that struck a chord with me and hopefully they will help you to think more positive as well! Happy New Year and all the best to come!


may your coming year



2014 quote 5