Glam Bedroom Inspiration

As I am moving into a new apartment this weekend, I am excited to completely re-decorate a new space all of my own! The first place that I am going to begin is my bedroom. My style is a clean, yet lush style that truly encompasses the concept of transitional. I like geometric pieces juxtaposed with soft textures. Here are a few inspiration photos on my lust list that are helping to bring life into my vision! Can you tell that I love upholstered headboards?!

d17975fb5115a8f55c5ed68f1a5d895eAlthough I will probably not incorporate this much color into my bedroom, I do love the turquoise color and the idea of striped wallpaper on the ceiling.

a2fdff0c4ffa316bf1ad9ef5693b92eeThe off white walls paired with the geometric rug and faux fur accents are what caught my eye here.

24338f5e91a85f501c485ffff7cb0cb5Gorgeous monochromatic colors that are soft and inviting.


636dc036ce5fc26a9058d76fdbb39fc1Gray is one of my favorite colors and this picture encapsulates a beautiful example of the use of monochromatic gray.

0205f971d3422d953221c3ddac189c4fThe plush faux fur accents are contrasted by the mirrored greek key console table.

85b6f6034c77c911c8c4c8f73bba46d3The use of pattern in this design is amazing.





3 thoughts on “Glam Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Great post, such gorgeous rooms. Headboards can be incredible features in a room. I quite like a neutral palette by choice, so love pic 2 and 3, but I have to admit picture 1 is a fantastic space, the perfect balance between style, colour and texture – the headboard definitely takes centre stage – stunning.

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